Trace Code
Matters and Disclaimers:
Battery operation precautions: Do not touch the aluminum foil packaging materials with sharp objects, do not bend the top edge, do not open or destroy the hems, the ears are fragile, do not bend, do not drop, impact, bend the battery, do not short circuit or Use the battery upside down.
Prohibition of charging and discharging: It is forbidden to charge and discharge the battery around flammable and explosive items (such as sofa, bedding, lighter, etc.).
Other matters: prevent short circuit in the battery package, never disassemble the battery, never put the battery into fire, do not immerse the battery in liquid (such as water, beverage, juice, coffee) (Such as: leakage, puncture, bulging, etc.) batteries.
The power of all the products of our company is the actual standard. The specific usage time depends on the power consumption of the equipment.