24V 10ah Electric bicycle battery

  • 24V 10ah battery pack
  • $ 95.0


24 V 10ah Lithium Ion Battery 29.4V 10ah 10000 mAh 15A BMS 250W 24V 350W Battery Pack for Wheelchair Motor Kit Power


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24V 10ah lithium-ion battery, PVC case, built-in BMS


Product specifications:


Battery type 24V10Ah

Rated capacity (ah) 10ah

Rated voltage (V) 24 V.

Discharge voltage (V) 20 +/- 1 V.

Charging voltage (V) 29.4 V.

Rated discharge current (a) 15а

Instantaneous maximum discharge current (a) 36a

Maximum continuous discharge current (a) 18A

Maximum constant charging current (a) 5A

Charging mode CC / CV

Standard charging current (a) 2A

Charging time under standard charging current (h) 6

Fast charging current (a) 3A

Charging time under fast charging current 3

Charging temperature range -20-60 ° C

Discharge temperature range -20-60 ° C

Battery size 135 * 90 * 70 mm (can be customized)

The battery weighs about 1.7 kg

Note: Photos are for reference only and the final size may not differ much.

Life cycle: more than 800 times

Package Contents:  

1.1 pieces. 24 V 10ah battery with built-in smart bms protection board


Lithium ion charger specifications:

1. AC input voltage: 100-240 V.

2. Charging voltage: 29.4 volts.

3. Charging current: 2 amps.