48v 16ah electric bike battery

  • 48v 16ah battery pack
  • $ 265.0



1. Cells - A grade cells to make sure batteries in high and full capacity

2. Protection - Dual IC chips, that can anti-short circuit, anti-over charger,

anti-over current, anti-overload

3. Compose Type : Injection Technology to make battery more stable.

4. Certifications : CE, RoHS

5.  Long life cycle, No memory, environment friendly.



Battery Model:48V16ah

Nominal Voltage (V):48V

Nominal Capacity (AH):16ah

Source Resistance (mΩ):about 25

Cell Specification;3.7V 3.2AH

Cell Combination:5-parallel  13-series

Cell Size:18650

Cell Quantity (parallel*series):65pcs

Discharge Cutoff Voltage (V):36.4+/- 1V

Charge Cutoff Voltage (V):54.6v

Rated Discharge Current (A):30A

instantaneous Maximum Discharge Current (A):50A

Maximum Continuous Discharge Current (A):30A

Maximum Continuous Charge Current (A):5A

Standard Charge Current (A):2A

Charge Time under Standard Charge Current:6hours

Fast Charge Current (A):5A

Charge Time under Fast Charge Current:2.5hours

Charge Temperature Range:-10-25°C

Cell Size (L*W*T ):130*70*245mm

Battery Weight:3.5kg

Battery Power:800W