48/54.6v battery charger

  • 48/54.6v 2a charger
  • $ 14.86

Product Description

Technical data


Max. Output power: 50 W


Input voltage: 100-240 V AC


Max. Output voltage: 54.6 V


Max. Output Current: 2A


Line frequency: 50-60 Hz


Efficiency (at 100% load):> = 85%


Corrugation: <= 1% * in


Temperature range: 0-45 'C


Relative humidity: <65%




Overvoltage protection


Over current protection


General characteristics


3-step charge management (pre-charge-CC-CV)


Option: a) NTC inside


B) 100% cut off when the battery is fully charged


Dual color LED ode: (charging: red; fully charged or without load: green)


Lightweight and compact


High efficiency and low power consumption


Environmental specification


Working temperature: 0С ~ 45С


Storage temperature: -20C ~ 70C


Humidity <65%