36V electric bicycle lithium battery

  • 36V battery pack
  • $ 145.0


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Parts included: 


1. 36 V 12ah lithium battery, built in 15a BMS.



Battery Parameters:


Battery Model: 36V 12ah

Rated capacity (ah): 12ah

Rated voltage (V): 36 V

Resistance of the source of cells (MOmega): about 30 PTO)

Technical description: 3.7 V 3.2ah / 18650 Cell

Cell combination: 4-parallel 10-series

Battery size: 68 * 85 * 185mm

Number of cells (parallel * series): 40 pcs.

Discharge voltage (V): 30 +/- 1 V

Charge voltage (V): 42 V

Rated discharge current (a): 15а

Instantaneous maximum discharge current (a): 30A

Maximum Continuous Discharge Current (A): 15a

Charge mode: CC / CV

Standard charge current (A): 2A

Charging time under Standard charge current: 4 h

Maximum Continuous Current Charge (A): 5A

Charging time with fast current charging: 2 h

Charge temperature range: 0-45 deg c

Range of discharge temperature: -20-60 deg c

Battery weight about: 1.9kg


Battery real shot picture:


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