36V electric bicycle lithium battery

  • 36V 30ah battery pack
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The battery is a real capacity. 


Not a virtual standard! 


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Parts include:


1. 36V 30AH lithium battery built-in 25a BMS*1


2.42V 3A High quality lithium battery charger*1


Battery parameters:


Battery model: 36V30ah

Rated capacity (ah): 28.8ah

Rated voltage (V): 36 V.

Output voltage range: 27.5v - 42v

Suitable for motor power:250W 350W  500W 750W

Battery resistance (MΩ): approx. 30 PTO)

Technical note: 3.7 V 3.2ah / 18650 battery

Cell combination: 9 parallel 10 series (built-in BMS protection, with overcharge, over discharge, short circuit protection)

 Width: 185 mm

Height: 70 mm

Length: 195 mm

* Manual measurement will be biased.


Discharge connector: default 14# red and black wire and T plug

  Discharge line length (package to connector end): 120mm

  Charging connector: 5.5 * 2.1mm DC plug

  Charging plug wire length (package to connector end): 120mm

* Manual measurement will be biased.


Number of batteries (parallel * series): 90.

Discharge voltage (V): 30 +/- 1 V.

Charging voltage (V): 42 V.

Rated discharge current (a): 25а

Instantaneous maximum discharge current (a): 45A

Maximum continuous discharge current (A): 25a

Charging connector: 5.5 * 2.1mm DC plug

Charging mode: CC / CV


Standard charging current (A): 2A

Charging time under standard charging current: 4 hours

Maximum continuous current charging (A): 5A

Charging time fast charging: 2 hours

Charging temperature range: 0-45°c

Exhaust temperature range: -20-60 °c

Battery weight: about 4.5kg



36V30ah36V battery 30AH5544331122



Lithium battery purchase guide

1. What is the voltage?

It's not clear what the voltage is. Please check the output voltage on the back of the charger. It's also available on the controller. If the output is 42V, it's 36V. If the output is 54.6V, it's 48V!

2. What is the battery size?

After removing the battery, use a ruler to measure the length, width and height of the battery. If it is not convenient to remove the battery, you can also measure the length, width and height of the inner diameter of the battery compartment. If you need to buy the battery and install it in the original shell, you need to measure the length, width and height of the inner diameter of the shell, and inform our customer service!

3. What's the capacity?

Under the same voltage, ah is the capacity, not the current. The larger the capacity is, the farther it runs, there is no problem of burning the motor. Because the same voltage V, the same current a, the charger does not need to be replaced. If the size allows, you can choose a larger capacity!

4. About the battery plug?

Please take photos of the plug on your current battery and send it to customer service. Try to match it with the same plug. If the plug is not right or the line is not long enough, please cut off the wiring without affecting the use. Battery is live, please cut, wire and bind separately!