36V10ah 10S3P 电池组

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Built-in Samsung INR 18650-33G


Car quality lithium battery!

High safety performance!

small volume! Light weight!

Full capacity!


Parts included:

1. 36V 10ah lithium battery 

2. 42V2A charger

Battery  Parameters:

Battery Model: 36V10ah

Rated capacity (ah):9.6ah

Rated voltage (V): 36 V

Resistance of the source of cells (MΩ): about 20 PTO) 

Technical description: 3.7 V 3.2ah / 18650 Cell

Cell combination: 3-parallel 10-series

Battery size:70*65*190mm

Number of cells (parallel * series): 30 pcs.

Discharge voltage (V): 30 +/- 1 V

Charge voltage (V): 42 V

Rated discharge current (a): 15а

Instantaneous maximum discharge current (a): 30A

Maximum Continuous Discharge Current (A): 15a

Charge mode: CC / CV

Standard charge current (A): 2A

Charging time under Standard charge current: 4 h

Maximum Continuous Current Charge (A): 5A

Charging time with fast current charging: 2 h

Charge temperature range: 0-45 ° c

Range of discharge temperature: -20-60 ° c

Battery weight about:1.5kg

The life cycle:

More than 800 times, capacity and performance will decrease as the number of cycles increases.


Electric bicycles, scooters, etc.

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Shipping list:

1 battery

1 tracking number


- The weight of the postal registration package is limited to 2 kg. If it exceeds 2 kg, it will be shipped in several packages.

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​After-sale notice (after-sales service details):


1. The product has a barcode.

2. If you encounter problems, please scan the barcode on the battery and log in to our official website.

3. Check whether the product is within the warranty period.

4. Warranty period: 1 year from the date of successful delivery

5. Water intake, disassembly, modification, failure to use a suitable charger, short circuit, malfunction due to personal reasons, etc., are not covered by the warranty.

6. Warranty processing method: usually send replacement parts to the buyer for replacement. Buyers can also choose

The product has been sent to the seller for repair, but the buyer bears all transportation costs, including the seller’s

Shipping cost after sending to buyer.






36V10ah battery 2436V 10ah 头出板